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My Personal Story: The Flu Triggered My Asthma
jonathanHi my name is Jonathan, and I want to tell you about how I personally kick the flu all season long.  I grew up a very sick child that had severe asthma. I remember countless trips to the emergency room and being on the nebulizer pumping my lungs full of medications. The trigger of these major asthma attacks would usually be an allergen or whenever flu season came along.

Unfortunately, my parents didn’t know any better at the time and I was put through the normal medical treatments of daily inhalers and even steroids for a short period of time for inflammation. At age 16 I finally beat asthma entirely by going through a radical diet change. That is when my journey began to better understand how to protect the human body from colds and the flu season. Taking natural remedies does not guarantee that you won’t experience some symptoms, but the time frame to recovery can be much shorter and less miserable.  

Changing How I Thought About Health
Over the years I did a lot of experimenting wiith different diets, supplements, herbs, essential oils etc. The results from my testing produced a solution that worked for my body. Most importantly I found two super products that I’ve found to work for 99% of people ages 5 and beyond. I would like to introduce you to these products that have not only helped me from seasonal flu prevention, but full recovery times within two days without the use of any medical drugs, or over the counter flu medications.

The Reward
jonathan olderThe best part of this story is you can stay healthy all year long for only $50 - $250 per year. Isn’t this worth stopping all doctor room visits, pricey over the counter drugs, and possible antibiotics? What people don’t realize is every time they use an antibiotic they damage their intestinal tract where the body’s immune system resides. This is damaging to a person’s overall health throughout their lifetime.

My personal goal for this website is to educate my visitors on how to stay healthy, and to be a living role model for everyday healthful living. Come follow me, and let’s increase our knowledge together. 


The 1-2 Power Punch to Kick and Kill the Flu Naturally
By now you are probably asking what are these two products and how do I use them?

Nutribiotic Grape Fruit Seed Extract (GSE)
I won’t bore you with all the technical details but instead give you an easy to understand summary of how GSE plays an important role. This product is great to use if you are suffering from a viral infection, running nose, lung congestion, and yellow/green nasal discharge. This product can be used in different ways but the way I take it is simply placing the recommend drops into water, stir and swallow. FYI, it does have a bitter aftertaste and takes getting use to consuming in waster, so I suggest mixing it in juice for new users and children. I’m currently 28 years old and I will take 7 – 12 drops in water twice a day. Because this product can be bitter, it is best to take after eating a small snack or meal to avoid an upset stomach. To kick the viral infection faster, I rest or try to sleep for 8 hours. Depending on the size you want, this product cost between $10 - $14 and will last you one whole year depending on how many people in your family use the product.

Buy Nutribiotic Grape Fruit Seed Extract (GSE) Right Here.

Learn about the second product purple mushroom here.